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Saturday, September 15, 2012

 Nearly one month into the new chapter of our life which is set in Egypt...
We have begun working at the American International School of Egypt- West.  Our co-workers are fantastic and the children are lively and excited to learn.  They speak English nicely with strong accents that took a while to get use to.  We both started wtih completely empty classrooms and now they are filled with supplies and students!  Yeah, we are off and running.  Sadly, this dampens our adventures but we have one adventure to report...

We went horseback riding in Giza by the pyramids.  Giza is a town where livestock, horses, donkies and camels out number the cars!  It is like going back in time to old Cairo.  There was lots of trash- we are going to explore Garbage City soon and we will learn more about this issue.  There is trash everywhere, not just Giza...
There is a process to the garbage collecting, it seems it goes like this:
1. Garbage is put on street
2. Animals (dogs, cats, pigeions, weasels, etc.) eat what they can
3. People come and take out the recycling (like cardboard, paper, glass and plastic)
4. The rest just blows somewhere else and/or gets ground up and becomes part of the sandy landscape
Here are some photos and videos of our horseback ride!

Here is another video a friend put together from our horseback riding.  It is really cute.

Signing off,  Chris and Justine

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