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Saturday, December 15, 2012

2 Trips- Red Sea and White Desert

Well, this proves that we are REALLY bad at blogging!  For the past two and a half months we have done two major things (other than teach)...

Diving in the Red Sea- three trips
Amazing blue water that is so clear you can see the reef and your dive route from the boat.
Yes, you can have a camel ride on the beach...

We did some great snorkeling too!  (Chris is secretly a "mer-man".)

Desert Camping- White Desert with Bedoquins
Justine organized a trip for 20 teacher friends to camp out in the Black and White Desert with Sarafi Oasis guide- Ahmed Abd Elsayd Gaber (
Packing up the 5 jeeps.

Sand art!

The dunes were fun to play on.

Sleeping in a Bedoquin 3 sided tent.

Amazing food was cooked for us in the desert.

An oasis!

The group with the huge beautiful rock formations made from the ocean millions of years ago.

Hiking- feeling like my old Colorado self again!

Spectaular photo Chris took!


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  1. Incredible photos, my friends. I am relieved and joyful to witness you at play and honoring your adventure spirits. Lots of love and hugs, Robyn