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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Egyptian Protests

I just wanted to comment here in this public forum about the Egyptian protests....the Egyptian people are still working towards creating a democracy.  As we know from American History, this is a struggle.  President Morsi at one point claimed control of all branches of government in an Emergy Decree and then backed away a bit.  Generally speaking, the Muslim Brotherhood supporters are in favor of Morsi's actions.  Other Egyptians are not in support of Morsi- thus marching to the Presidential Palace and Tahrir Square protesting.  On Dec. 15th and 22nd, the country gets to vote to radify the conservative constitution that the largely Islamic constitutional assembly wrote.  One of the biggest points of contention in the constitution is a greater role for Shari'a Law- the religious law of Islam.  Many people are advocating to abstain from the vote, as voting legitimates Morsi's action.
Egytians are a very proud and passionate people.
(photo taken by Walther Hetzer)

Are we safe?- I know this is a question on many people's mind- YES!  The major protests are happening very far from our house and school.  We live in an area of Cairo called Maadi.  The constitutional court (like the Supreme Court) is located in Maadi.  There have been very small non-violent sit ins outside the court.  Chris and I are reading and following the Embassy's advice and being conservative with our tourist activities. 

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